Yellows - IT consulting, software development, construction of digital ecosystems. The company was founded by experienced managers and specialists who have gained their professional experience in the world's leading technology companies

Consultancy and consulting in the IT area


We will help you use the latest technology to improve Your business performance by:

Support for StartUp in the IT area
Co-creation and implementation of IT strategies
Omnichannel: Building digital ecosystems for your clients
Digitization of the work environment

Software development and support:


We will make the system, integrate, transfer data, provide project documentation, teach, expand on the following components.

 CRM systems
Document circulation systems
Process systems (BPM)
Mobile applications (Android/iOS)
Content management systems (CMS)

Graphics and websites


We also create websites from scratch or using templates. We will discuss your requirements in details and present the graphic design for checking before doing the work for you.

Static or Wordpress based
We develop graphics, logos, leaflets that you need in your business

Programmer's outsourcing


We provide software outsourcing services in the Time & Material model because the payment for real labour is definitely fair. The model allows you to implement changes and improvements on a regular basis during the project. With the progress of work, you will receive accurate reports and analyzes that verify the work of a programmer or the entire development team.




Every project starts with understanding your business to offer the best solution. Effectively combine Your goals with the required technology.


We will discuss with you the project features and processes that the app has support for. We will help You the final result of our joint work and describe it in words.


We provide prototypes and mock-ups of the system that You will be able to test. The friendly and easy to use system is a satisfied end user.


We use Agile software development methods. As our customer, You will receive fast and regularly valuable running software.


At this important stage, we check that everything works without disruptions or problems.









Get to know and join the YELLOWS team. We create products that will be used by happy customers. We are developing and constantly looking for people with different levels of experience - from an apprentice to a senior developer.

We are currently looking for employees for the following positions:

We work with passion in Yellows. We create solutions that we believe in and that our clients love. Are you passionate about PHP?...
We are looking for a talented Web Designer to implement beautiful projects of systems, websites and mobile applications...
We run a permanent apprenticeship program for students and graduates and other new people in the profession of programmer...


Why Yellows?

Among many IT companies, we try to show that we are a company that you can trust and trust. Trust is based on people, and in Yellows we carefully select our employees. In addition to technical competence, we attach great importance to the other aspects of the candidate's personality. Yellows is guided by values such as: reliability, responsibility, honesty and efficiency.

What programming technologies does Yellows use in their projects?

Currently, we mainly carry out projects in Java and PHP. We work with relational (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL) and non-relational databases.

What is Agile?

Agile is so-called methodology of implementation of IT projects. We focus on providing visible business value to the client as soon as possible and as often as possible we consult the customer with finished application semi-finished products.

Which of the agile design methodologies is used by Yellows?

In our agile projects, we most often use the SCRUM methodology. What is the alternative to Agile? The classic methodology of implementing IT projects, namely Waterfall. It involves gradual progress through all stages of the project, from analysis through development to testing and implementation and finally to maintenance.

Which design methodology will be good for my project?

In projects with well-defined requirements (ie when the client knows what he wants to receive), the classic methodology, Waterfall, will work best. Thanks to this, we will implement the project as quickly as possible in accordance with functional requirements. However, if the requirements are not well defined (the client is not sure what he needs, or what needs to change over time), this will be a good reason to use the agile methodology.

Does Yellows carry out IT projects only for companies in Warsaw?

No. We work with all who need our help. Distance is not a challenge for us. We have programmers in our ranks in various parts of Poland. As part of our needs, we use means of transport as well as modern technologies. We have experience in working at a distance. Today, in the global world, we can implement a project for you even if your company operates in Hong Kong or Buenos Aires.

How much does it cost to write a mobile application for the Android, iOS or Windows platform?

It depends on the complexity of the designed application. The simplest solutions are possible to implement from several thousand zlotys. Large, complex mobile systems can be more expensive by orders of magnitude. You can get an approximate quote by filling out the form at the bottom of our website.



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