UI/UX Design

Design is not just about creating beautiful interfaces. It's the art of understanding user needs and creating interfaces that are intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing.

  • The first impression is the most important

    Users form an opinion about your product within the first few seconds. An attractive and well prepared graphic design creates a positive first impression and encourages users to explore your product further.

  • Brand strengthening

    An attractive and consistent image builds trust and a positive brand image. Users are more likely to return to websites and applications that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

  • User-friendliness

    Good graphic design makes it easy for users to intuitively navigate a product and find the features they need.

  • Aesthetics

    A product with a well-designed user interface is simply more enjoyable to use.

Tools and standards
  • Analysis

    We conduct an in-depth analysis of Your business to understand user needs and business goals.

  • Mapping

    We create process maps [Miro] and storyboards to visualize and optimise user experiences.

  • Graphic design implementation

    We design user interfaces in Figma and Adobe XD, focusing on functionality and aesthetics.

  • Agile model

    We use an Agile approach to ensure flexibility and continuous improvement of the project.

Agile - a flexible work model

We use the Agile methodology, which ensures flexibility and efficiency in project execution. Agile is a flexible project management method that allows for rapid adaptation to changing needs and priorities. As a result, projects carried out in this model are more efficient and meet real business needs.

  • Agile Continuous integration and testing
  • Agile Early delivery of working features
  • Agile Ability to continuously modify assumptions
  • Agile Improved communication with the Client
Settlement models

We offer two settlement models

Fixed Price
  • Cost predictability
  • Clearly defined scope of work
  • Defined deadlines
  • Higher project cost
  • Time-consuming preparation of the project launch
  • Reduced flexibility for changes
Time and Material
  • Flexibility to change
  • Cost transparency
  • Quick project start
  • Difficulty in estimating final costs
  • Client involvement throughout the entire project period
  • Uncertainty about the time frame
How we work

Understanding and analyzing needs

At this stage, we discuss Your business needs and goals in detail.


Free consultation with an experienced specialist

Our expert will advise You on the best solutions for Your business.



We prepare an individual offer tailored to Your needs.


Kickoff meeeting

After accepting the offer, we will discuss the project plan in detail.


Project start

We start the project in accordance with the agreed plan.

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